Thursday Trees, School Essay by Ben Isaac Ogola 20th August 2015

Nairobi GreenLine Boundary 2

#ThursdayTrees is an effort to share the joy of the students who have been tree planting with the Nairobi GreenLine at the Nairobi National Park. If you would like to be a part of this, write to us on

Tree Planting Day at the National Park

It was Friday evening when we were learning in class and the Head Teacher came and he said the ones going for the trip should be ready tomorrow at the assembly line. He was proud of Tassio School’s work on nature.

When I went home I told my mother that on Saturday we are going to school. Saturday came and my mother woke me up so early. “You told me today you are going to school, remember it was tree planting day?” I was so excited and I was singing, having breakfast and getting ready fast. I thought I was late and was running to school and will miss the bus, but I was the first one to school. So as I waited I told the watchman to buy me snacks for 200kshs.

When the Head Teacher came, we left and enjoyed in the bus, talking and singing. And then we finally reached the Nairobi GreenLine. John met us and told us how we were going to plant the trees and we went a long way in the bush and plated the trees. We had so much fun and I finished fast.

Nairobi GreenLine Plant a Tree 1



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