Making a Difference, Nairobi South School 27th February 2016


At the Nairobi GreenLine on Saturday 27th February and the Nairobi South Nursery, Primary & Secondary School were planting trees.

“Time Spent Amongst Trees Is Never Wasted Time- Katrina Mayer”

Nairobi GreenLine was launched on 18th February 2010. The project was an initiative of the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and other corporate organisations.

Today, our distinctive, precious and serene Nairobi National Park is threatened by the rapid human encroachment as the city outgrows itself. Due to its proximity to the capital, the Park and its rich ecosystem have been exposed to massive environmental hazards occasioned by:

  • Land grabbing by politically connected individuals and developers
  • Human settlements that continue to nibble away at the edges of the Park
  • Increased industrial activities that billow out noxious gases and dust
  • Effluent discharge into the Park’s streams and water sources Human-wildlife conflict through poaching and grazing
  • Plastic litter and solid waste scattered throughout the Park

If you want your school, corporation or organization to plant trees at the Nairobi GreenLine or at your preferred location, kindly get in touch with our Co-ordinator Wanja Kimani on or call on 0701-585986.

Here are the Nairobi South Nursery, Primary & Secondary School moments:

IMG-20160228-WA0065 IMG-20160228-WA0067 IMG-20160228-WA0068 IMG-20160228-WA0069 IMG-20160228-WA0070 IMG-20160228-WA0071 IMG-20160228-WA0072 IMG-20160228-WA0073 IMG-20160228-WA0074


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