My Tree, My Park, My Life- CBK Plants Trees on their 50th Anniversary


The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) turns 50 and they are celebrating it in style. Top of their agenda is environment and we were happy for their participation and support by their Anniversary Tree Planting at the Nairobi GreenLine. They planted 200 trees on Saturday 2nd April, 2016.

Remember, the Nairobi GreenLine was created for the following reasons:

Today, our distinctive, precious and serene Nairobi National Park is threatened by the rapid human encroachment as the city outgrows itself. Due to its proximity to the capital, the Park and its rich ecosystem have been exposed to massive environmental hazards occasioned by:

  • Land grabbing by politically connected individuals and developers
  • Human settlements that continue to nibble away at the edges of the Park
  • Increased industrial activities that billow out noxious gases and dust
  • Effluent discharge into the Park’s streams and water sources Human-wildlife conflict through poaching and grazing
  • Plastic litter and solid waste scattered throughout the Park

The Nairobi National Park is struggling for survival as wildlife diseases and death takes their toll. We simply cannot sit back and watch. The Nairobi National Park is crying out for our help. It’s time for action.

As you keep up the support for this only National Park in a city in the World, you keep up the support for the Wildlife. Our GreenLine is a symbol of their boundary.

For more information on how your organization can also partner with us on tree planting initiatives, kindly contact our our Coordinator Wanja Kimani on or call on 0701-585986.

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